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Signed Susan Wallace Barnes giclée prints are available exclusively through this site and a few selected retailers. To purchase or receive more information about signed giclée art, please email

Thank you for your messages, we appreciate your patronage of SWB art. Unfortunately, Lifeguard Press (publisher) decided to not print a daily planner and to print fewer calendars and reduce distribution for 2016. We apologize if you were unable to purchase these items. We are looking into a way to print additional calendars and/or provide printable files of the 2016 calendar and will follow up when we have more information.

Susan focuses on her art and does not communicate directly in the digital world. We do our best to communicate all art specific feedback and compliments to her. We are in the process of evaluating options for future calendars, publishers and developing NEW products for 2016-2017. We will reply and post information as available.

Happy New Year! Alohas and Mahalo!

Thank you!

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